Saturday, September 24, 2011

my strength

Allah's Plans
We humans think that we can conquer fate or Allah’s plan with our knowledge. But Allah has proven us to be wrong over and over again, yet we dont listen. The Japanese created the most sophisticated system of tsunami and earthquake warning over thirty years ago despite which they have repeatedly suffered major damages. The same was the case with nations like ‘Ad and Thamud that mentioned in the Qur’an.

What can we learn from these nations

Who have passed before us?

That we cannot won over the plan of Allah….

There are two approaches a person can take in life:

Either he plans very technically, down to minute details, all according to his thinking, which makes him a kafir (disbeliever in Allah). This is the ultimate arrogance!
Or he is so scared that he refuses to do anything or make any kind of plan because he believes he cannot achieve. This is the ultimate defeat!

We can only win with Allah’s plan. If we take Allah’s plan step by step we will have no problem and the first step is knowing Him…AR-RAHMAN!